Why Karma?

Karma Associate is a global Human Resource Management organization with worldwide operations.

Why Karma?

We work with companies that are looking for the best. We review many people before we present the right ones to you by carefully considering the factors that are important for your company. We won't waste your time by sending you the wrong people. Here are three important factors that make us different from other agencies and why you should work with us.

1. Karma Represents a Latent and Untapped Talent Pool.
We assist these "passive candidates" in building a career by treating them with honesty and respect. "Passive candidates" are usually excellent to present because they are already employed in a good company and have a proven track record of success. Although they may be content, these people are excited and motivated by new and interesting opportunities that will enhance their career, and that's where we come in.

2. Karma Provides Customization for Industry Specific Needs.
Our vertical familiarization allows us to know the major players in your industry, key people working for your competitors and where your industry is headed. Consequently, by becoming knowledgeable in your industry, we're able to find you people with industry-specific experience and use this critical information to secure their acceptance of your offer.

3. We have the Best Talent to search the Best Talent for You.
Our people are the best in our industry. We can't expect you to rely on us unless our people have extensive experience and training before they're allowed to handle your account. We understand that recruitment is very important to you and would never ask you to work with an Account Manager with no industry experience. We're pleased to provide you with client references if you wish.

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