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Karma Associate is a global Human Resource Management organization with worldwide operations.

Our Expertise

Succession Planning

A great organization always retains the vision and mission in spite of leadership changes and our succession planning program ensures that the values of company are translated perfectly in the new leadership. We also ensure that the change is smooth and something that leverages the company instead of hampering the growth.

We work with boards and senior management to optimize the succession planning process for CEOs and critical leadership positions. The current succession planning process is reviewed critically under our team of experts to help our client improve the process. This way there is an added perspective that acts as a fail-safe measure against any possible difficulties.

Work Culture Analysis

Our team works to assess the exact preferences of both parties involved in recruitment process when it comes to the work culture. It’s important that the newly recruited executives have an idea of the work culture beforehand as well as guidance to blend in once they have joined. A mismatch of expectations in terms of work culture often leads to internal miscommunication. We help clients throughout the entire process with a multi tier approach to recruitment. Our team takes into account the work culture from client’s company, and analyzes the candidate’s perspective as well.
Clients can apply the results of a culture analysis in several ways:

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