Research activity

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Research activity

Companies these days put a lot of effort into Research. But is all that effort paying off? Most people forget the need to implement a systematic investigation while conducting research. Without a proper system, the results of Research come varying and can often mislead the organizations and thus prove to be counterproductive. In Karma, we have a very detailed Research process that is very transparent in its function.

Research in Relevance to Corporations

As a company it’s important to know what people think about the company itself. It’s difficult for companies to make important decisions unless and until an accurate interpretation of general sentiment is obtained. This can be done through a process of surveys for the key persons, Sales Executives, Media Connections, PR machinery and almost everyone who helps in creating a distinct image of the company. In short it spans all external and internal factors. The findings are then to be interpreted in a very clinical way. If the findings do not go through the right process of analysis, they can mislead and cause more harm.

We at Karma associates help to increase the Market image of the company by Market survey, research analysis or other relevant methods keeping in mind the interest of our client.

We offer premier survey programs for

Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty,

Brand Research, and New Product Development Researc

Karma offers a full range of marketing research services in a wide variety of research categories and industries.

We can help you in an existing marketing research project or even in starting a completely new one. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your project, recommend a methodology and provide a cost estimate tailored to meet your needs. One of our research experts will respond to you as soon as possible

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